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Why Companies Should Encourage Employees to Put Health First

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Now, most busy people will have business and personal KPI’s to hit, which sometimes include these common thoughts:
Do I really have the time for physical exercise, an extra walk or mindfulness today?

1% Better, Everyday

I could list the benefits of health optimisation. However, as a coach from both a clinical and performance background, most of us are all looking to get better at something related to well-being, that might be feeling less stressed in the office, loosing an extra 5% body fat, maintaining better relationships with people or maybe it's all 3.

Especially in a high performance culture, there seems to be some priorities shared between successful people.

  1. Well-being

  2. Purpose

  3. Execution

YOUR Health

Optimise yourself, make decisions with a purpose and execute the plan. This is the foundation of an Olympic athlete.

If we are trying to make decisions, while not operating 100%, we will not necessarily make bad decisions but the ratio of bad decisions are likely to increase, like driving a car when you are tired.

This in turn will accumulate into poor execution over time, similar too driving a car that is long due an MOT, it will eventually break and need extensive repair work (probably costing a-lot more the longer you leave it), as humans we call this a 'burn out' shown below.

Tracking and Monitoring

Without knowing, it is complete guesswork. This is why it is important to look into the physiology of every individual within the organisation, understanding trends within the company and any 'red flag' areas. In the long run, this is what may separate a performing company, to a high performing company as you have data to make better decisions.


“Goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to those results.” To gain muscle, lose weight and feel better is a goal for many people, however, there are processes:

  1. Map your journey to suit your lifestyle

  2. Understand what your body needs

  3. Holding yourself accountable

  4. Learn and execute your plan

Create space for accountability

During this COVID pandemic there are many daily changes going on outside of your control, but there are also many things that you now have more control over. For example optimising a daily routine is vital for your overall well-being. It provides structure and familiarity and daily exercise is key to this succeeding.

Corporate wellness day (Paddleboard & Beachfit Bootcamp) with LinkedIn HQ, Singapore

Successful outcomes are never the product of one choice, but a series of choices. If you are interested in how we could build training into your busy lifestyle and help you optimise your journey click below.

Phil McCoy

Exercise Physiologist

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