Phil McCoy



About me:

From a young age, Phil McCoy has had a passion for sport, which eventually saw him representing Team GB in Sailing. While he was competing, he started to develop a keen interest in health, physiology and human performance. Believing that each individual has unique physical potential, Phil has always been fascinated in finding ways to get the best out of people.

Phil is a proponent of living healthy, moving fast, lifting big and eating well. He is always prepared for the next challenge, constantly striving to maximise his own training and recovery, on top of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to working with clients, Phil applies scientific principles to training and nutrition to guide his clients towards permanent and sustainable improvements. With a background in working with high performance teams and athletes, as well as working in physiotherapy clinics for rehabilitation, Phil enjoys watching his clients reach and reset their goals. Their continual improvement, hard work, determination and enjoyment of the program is what he loves the most about working with his clients.


360 Performance

Real and sustainable results

"When I started strength training with Phil, I had more energy each day and felt confident knowing it was specific to my injuries and goals. I would really recommend Phil if you are looking for a great investment into your health and fitness!"

Whats included?

High Performance Programme

Enjoy a varied programme that is focused towards your own physiology and specific goals. My online coaching programmes are here to support and guide you through every part of your journey

Training Content

Learn about training, exercises and other fitness principles to stay accountable and continually improving. You are able to use the fitness app to track exercise history and metrics, so you can easily log results and make progress towards specific goals over time

Health and Movement Screening

Understanding a key range of health markers including, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. As well as closely monitoring your functional movement and other key areas to help you get back on track

Trainer Support

Use our in-site trainer app and support chat to ask questions you may have about your fitness programme. Also, receive check-ins to make sure you are on track every step of the way


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